About Us
We are a customs agency, Valdes Business Group (VBG), providing a full range of supply chain, customs and transport services throughout Mexico.
customs agency
Exemption from customs formalities
in international trade
customs forwarder
Full support for international business in Mexico
Aeropartes Integrales
IATA, handling, transportation, packaging and storage
international cargo
Importer of all types of products with industry standards
Our mission
support and advise our clients throughout the implementation of projects in the field of international trade, while optimizing the time and costs of export-import operations.
They help us with this:
Two 4-storey buildings and a 2-storey office building near the main customs house
Transport equipment that allows the transport and distribution of any type of goods
Four 4,000 m2 warehouses near Mexico's main customs ports
Loading equipment of various lifting capacities for performing maneuvers in our warehouses
Workshop for the production of various types of packaging
We have our own network of correspondents, thanks to which we successfully work on door-to-door projects around the world
  • Freight Forwarder VBG is accredited by IATA, the International Air Transport Association
  • VBG employees have a high level of qualifications and impressive experience, as they have specialists with IATA and FIATA certificates
  • We have all the necessary permits to operate in the main customs ports of Mexico: Mexico City, AIFA, Nuevo Laredo, Veracruz and Manzanillo
For us, an individual approach to the client is not just words: working 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, we strive to always be in touch with our clients in order to quickly and painlessly resolve all emerging issues
It is important for us to provide the most favorable conditions for each client
Customer care is a key value in our work. It manifests itself in an individual approach to each client, and in building work processes in such a way as to fully meet the client’s needs.
It is important to us to provide the requested services promptly while maintaining quality, thereby earning the trust of our clients and building long-term relationships.
We are proud of our 40 years of experience and developed infrastructure, which allows us to find and develop the best solutions for each project, regardless of its complexity
We accompany our clients from consulting on formalization and integration of documents to the full cycle of operations, generating the best customized solutions
VBG Customs Agency is accredited by IATA-the International Air Transport Association.
Any IATA accredited air cargo carrier has a good reputation and operates in accordance with global standards
IATA-International Air Transport Association Accreditation
IATA is an international non-governmental organization whose task is to coordinate the organizational and operational activities of the air transport industry, including tariff policy, compliance with international air transport standards and more.
VBG Meets high IATA standards
You can carry and transact with all IATA member airlines
Regularly sends its employees to specialized training and confirms their professional competencies as an IATA agent
Work with general cargo, perishables, live animals and dangerous goods
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